Welcome to my site, I am Ottó Oláh.

I have been working in movies over 30 years and I have worked on more than 25 features, several TV series and commercials.

I have worked as a location sound recordist in a few blockbuster American movies (I spy, Eragon, The Nutcracker 3D) and as well as many European films (Bánk bán, Á, Akamas) and I have made 15 Hungarian feature location sound recording and post-production sound (Kaland, Meseautó, Egyetleneim) as a sound mixer, sound designer, sound editor, adr recordist and sound supervisor.

I am in a lucky situation because in Hungary, we have to learn the A-Z of the sound profession, from recording to supervising post-production and I can utilize this knowledge in my work.

My motto is "Move with the times!", and this is the reason why I have the up-to-date sound recording equipment in Hungary, this and my knowledge what make me qualified for international productions.